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Shedim is real and it’s all around you, waiting for you to commit one of the seven deadly sins.  When you do, don’t expect a demon to offer you a lucrative prize in exchange for your soul.  You will be tortured. A slow, methodical process.  Over time you will lose your mind like a disease taking over your body. You can try to rationalize it, but slowly you will lose your perspective, and slip mercilessly into complete insanity. Until eventually you will have only one option to be free.

Chris Sam and his family lead a quiet suburban life in Danbury, Connecticut. Chris works for a septic company and his wife Lisa teaches special ed. They’re raising their three children—Maddy, Chris Jr. and Jake—in Chris’s childhood home. Outgoing and bright, the Sam kids are the center of their parent’s world: Maddy, the oldest, is thriving in her college classes, while Chris Jr. and Jake are both gifted athletes. They are a tight-knit family, well-liked by friends and neighbors, and living the suburban dream. That is until suddenly the family disappears, cutting off all communication with the rest of the world and leaving no clue as to where they’ve gone or when they’re coming back.

Concerned, if not a little intrigued by the Sam’s abrupt disappearance, Jairus– once close friends with the Sam family—rounds up his film crew to set out and find them, documenting their journey along the way. While the crew tries to uncover what drove the Sam’s to abandon their near-picturesque life they begin to uncover something more sinister than any of them could have imagined.

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Adler & Associates Entertainment, Inc.
Executive Producers
Shannon Biggs Jairus Cobb Nancy Glass Marie Adler
Jairus Cobb
Chase Johnson Mike Ordemann Jessica Little
Jairus Cobb Jill Delaney

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